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Pole-dancing at Chinese nursery school

A Chinese nursery has come under fire for having a pole dancer perform at its welcome ceremony. "it was good exercise"

Barroom Brawl at Broadway.

Chelsea Ambriz, 26, is charged with battery. She allegedly shoved the tv station's news host, Erica Bivens, in a bar last Sunday.

Boston police captain’s son gets 20 years

His lawyers had argued he had mental issues and the plan was poorly thought out. His plan involved using a pressure cooker...

A knuckle biter golf game

In Plymouth, Massachusetts - An argument between two golfers at the Southern Marsh golf club turned bloody Friday evening

Sheep lands on boy

A teenager hiking a mountain had to be rushed to hospital after being struck by a sheep that fell.

Summer Pasta with Basil

A fresh, light, Italian-inspired pasta recipe perfect…

Georgia lawmaker says he’ll quit

Georgia lawmaker says he'll quit after yelling 'n-word' on 'Who…

Shot of Tequila

Can you pour something into a shot glass? Call the newspaper, you're a bartender now.

Shot of Scotch

Do you really need a recipe for this? It's scotch. Pour it, drink it.

Shot of Whiskey

Do you really need a recipe for this? It's whiskey. Pour it, drink it.
cuba libra

Cuba Libra

It's rum and Coke®, only different. It has a lime in it. Wow, big difference.

Rum & Coke®

Do you really need a recipe for this? Jesus Christ, The name of the drink IS the recipe.