How it started

It was circa 1992, a new radio station was born in Las Vegas. The music they played, or format, was modern rock. Up to this point, no radio station in Las Vegas had played this genre of music. Some called it “alternative”. The ever-wise consultants eventually made us refer to it as “Your New Rock Alternative”. Others thought it was “The cutting Edge”. In fact that’s what the powers that be called it. The Cutting Edge of Rock. 103.5 The Edge. And it was a good thing.

Some big fans of the radio station referred to themselves as Edge-heads. I was a big fan. I also worked there. I was co-host of the morning show and an Edge-head. So we called the show The Morning Edgeheads. I made many great friends at The Edge. Some of them agreed that it was time for us to do a show again. Now, in the form of a podcast, you don’t have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to listen to us. You can listen at your leisure, to The Edgeheads. A podcast from Las Vegas. Enjoy the show! – Gregg